Introducing the ultimate messaging experienceThe best app for video messaging

The ultimate interactive visual caller ID and messaging app

The app allows callers to interact through a video messaging platform if they are unable to answer an incoming phone call.

Customize your outgoing message for each caller

With view’d, you can create different incoming and outgoing messages for each person or group of people in your phone book.

Create a special moment

Send messages for special occasions - a birthday message for your sister, a reminder for your brother, a special message for your best friend - any message for any occasion.

Schedule messages to deliver in the future

Do you remember people’s birthdays at odd times? No big deal! Record your video full of best wishes and schedule it to deliver on the right day at the right time!

Intuitive interface

View’d is easy to use. It's a new, fun, and dynamic phone calling experience. It's like nothing you've ever seen before.

Complete Privacy

View’d is hyper-encrypted. Your conversations are all yours. Completely private.

The beauty of view'd messaging...

Introducing view’d! Prepare for a compelling new video experience as view’d takes video messaging to the next level. This dynamic interactive app has some very unique and exciting features that will provide users with unrivaled functionality when communicating on your mobile device. Specialize your messages for friends, family, and business associates. You’ll enjoy the flexibility that this new app offers. Come and join the messaging revolution. It’s engaging, fun, and cool. We invite you to come aboard and make view’d your go-to choice for video messaging. It’s a must have app!!!

  • Easy to use
  • Free Wi-Fi calls
  • End-to-end encryption - complete privacy
  • Interactive messaging
  • Customize your messages
  • Send direct video messages
  • Schedule futute messages
  • Completely ad-free

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